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What exactly is "refurbished" in IC chip?
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What exactly is "refurbished" in IC chip?

What exactly is "refurbished" in IC chip?

April 10, 2023
With the global semiconductor shortage, refurbished chips began to circulate in the supply chain. This will bring quality risks to many products and harm the interests of manufacturers and end consumers. So what exactly are refurbished chips? What are the risks? Today INSKCHIP will give you a detailed introduction
What are the common types of refurbished chips?
1. Disassembled Products: used products are removed from recycled PCB boards, and then refurbished through processes such as grinding, coating, re-typing, re-tinning, and whole feet;
Features: The model has not changed, the surface of the product body has traces of grinding and re-coating, and the pins will generally be re-tinned or re-balled (depending on the package);If it has been screened by functional tests, it can generally be used normally, but the defect rate may be higher, and the reliability is not so good, which is why some customers know that they are refurbished but still buy it. It can't be helped, only refurbished;
2. Counterfeit Products: After grinding and coating refurbishment, the material of type A is marked with type B material (the price is more expensive, the market is more scarce, and it is better to sell).
Features:This kind of counterfeit product is very scary, and some functions are No, it can't be used at all, it's just the same package;There are also some packages, without grinding and coating, you can directly clean the silk screen (Marking), and then put on other models, generally more grades (that is, commercial grades are changed to industrial grades, or industrial grades are changed to automotive grades, military grades, etc.);
3. The Old Year Becomes The New Year: the old year's material, the price is not good, and it is not easy to sell, and then after grinding and coating, re-typing, marking the new year (the price is higher than the old year, the customer is more willing to accept the new year material);
Features: There are traces of grinding and coating on the surface of the body, and the pins are generally untreated (unless the pins of the old materials are oxidized or deformed, etc.), this material can generally be used normally;
4. Re-Tinning/Re-Balling: some old materials or materials that are not well preserved, the pins are oxidized, which affects the machine, what should I do? After processing, re-tinning or re-balling, the pins look beautiful and easy to use;
Features: The surface of this material has not been treated, but the pins have traces of re-tinning or re-balling. If the treatment is not good, there will be residual tin slag on some pins. The general function is normal. It's just that the reliability is not so good, and the risk of use is high;
5. Lead-Free to Lead-Free: generally appear in BGA packages, especially for old materials, replace lead-containing solder balls with lead-free solder balls, that is, re-ball;
Features: The screen printing format may be different from the new version, there is no environmental protection mark, the surface of the body is not treated, but the leaded solder balls are replaced with lead-free solder balls;
6. Original defective products: After the original factory has been tested, some products with inconsistent parameters will be eliminated. Some of these materials will be scrapped by the original factory, and some will flow to the market through special channels. Because the batches are many and miscellaneous, they will Someone re-sanded, coated, marked with a unified batch, re-packaged, easy to sell!
Features: The defect rate is relatively high, there will be traces of re-grinding and coating on the surface of the body, and the pins are generally not treated;
7. Original factory mantissa or samples of multiple batches: Because the batches are many and miscellaneous, some original factories will re-polish the coating by themselves, mark a unified batch, make a complete package, and pack and ship;
Features: The function is normal, but there are traces of re-grinding and coating on the surface of the body
The types of refurbished chips can be roughly divided into the above 7 types. For customers who are not in the chip industry, it is difficult to distinguish between original and refurbished. So it is very important for them to find an honest supplier. INSKCHIP, as a chip distributor with 9 years of experience and annual sales of over 30 million US dollars. The "customer first" philosophy is the number one reason we have survived for so long.

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