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Industrial Control

Industrial Control


  • PLC is the abbreviation of Programmable Logic Controller, which is a computer control system specially designed for industrial automation control. It has the characteristics of high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, and stable operation, and has been widely used in the field of industrial automation. PLC collects external signals through input modules, performs logical operations through the CPU, and outputs control signals through output modules to control various electrical and mechanical equipment in the industrial production process. PLC can be programmed according to actual needs, making it adaptable to different control situations and having strong flexibility and scalability. Advantage Brands: Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Schneider, ABB, Phoenix
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  • Relay is an electrical control device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to switch circuits on and off. It contains an electromagnet and a set of contacts. When the electromagnet is energized by current, it produces a magnetic field that attracts or repels the contacts, thereby controlling the circuit opening and closing. Relays are widely used in various electrical control fields, such as home appliances, industrial automation, traffic lights, power systems, etc. Relays have advantages such as large control current, good isolation, and high reliability, and can realize various circuit control functions such as time delay, interlocking, and timing control. At the same time, relays can also expand the control quantity of circuits and realize hierarchical control of circuits. Advantage Brands: TE,Schneider,Omron, Schneider, ABB, Phoenix
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  • Sensor is a device or equipment that can convert non-electric signals such as physical and chemical quantities into electrical signals. It can convert various external physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, displacement, etc. into electrical signals for output. The main function of a sensor is to convert various non-electrical signals into electrical signals and input these signals to measurement, control, or signal processing devices for analysis and processing. Sensors are widely used in industrial control, transportation, environmental monitoring, medical and health, home appliances, and other fields, and they are an important component of modern automation control and information technology. Common types of sensors include temperature sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, photoelectric sensors, acceleration sensors, etc. Adavantage Brands:Omron,Sick,ABB,Simens
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About Us
INSKCHIP is an independent distributor of electronic components with 9 years of foreign trade experience, our goal is to become a domestic leader and a world-class electronic components company. We have served customers in more than 98 countries in the world. Among them, Russia is our most important sales market. We have a local office dedicated to serving Russian clients.
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Advantage Brands
  • Texas Instruments
  • STMicroelectronics
  • ADI
  • NXP
  • ON Semiconductor
  • TDK
  • TE
  • ABB
  • High Quality Channel

    We purchase all electronic components from channels that have cooperated with us for more than 3 years. Ensure stable supply. Some models are directly ordered from the original factory

  • Stringent Quality Control

    Our rigorous quality control system incorporates a four-tier quality inspection process to identify counterfeit, defective, irregular, or nonconforming products to ensure that only high-quality electronic components are received by our customers

  • World-class Equipment

    Our quality assurance centre is equipped with sophisticated testing equipment to help quality engineers determine the authenticity of components. Requests for customised tests can also be met, including advance inspection with an authoritative test report that is internationally recognized.

  • Continuous Training

    A methodical training system ensures that our quality inspection engineers are equipped with market-leading skills and knowledge. This is achieved through a process of continuous training that includes external training programmes conducted by professional certification bodies.

  • Sample Management

    Stringent sample management process ensures that incoming samples to our warehouse are properly documented, stored, and tracked for complete traceability and to ensure its authenticity.

  • Storage Environment

    All samples are stored in climate-controlled warehouses in accordance with the sample management process. All requests to checkout components are logged with automatic follow-ups if not returned within stipulated time.

  • Russian Local Service
    Russian Local Service

    There are local branches and warehouses in Russia to solve payment collection and import and export problems

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  • One-Stop BOM Service
    One-Stop BOM Service

    Provide the complete BOM "one-stop" full set supply chain service, and relieve you of some of the extra worries of purchasing goods

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  • Small Batch Supply
    Small Batch Supply

    Provide more types and smaller batches of component supply services, solving your problems with prototype product testing, new product R&D, and the need for emergency supplemental products in item orders.

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  • Large Stock Preparation
    Large Stock Preparation

    Provide lower costs on components with long term supplies and goods preparation services, easing your anxieties about having a steady supply of your commonly used model number.

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  • Third-party Quality Inspection
    Third-party Quality Inspection

    Provide a testing service for third party components, freeing you of your concerns about the quality of products

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  • Provide Increased Value Services
    Provide Increased Value Services

    Provide increased value services both before and after the sale, serving as your personal consultant while you deal with various thorny problems.

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